skill level required for a successful conversion

the skill level of the developer will make or break the project regardless of the "conversion" issues.

i am a better hockey coach when wayne gretzky is on the team.

hence the #1 consideration is at what level the developer is at. there are certainly more levels then just "trained" or "not trained". generally there are a "lot" of skill levels, but the following breakdown is sufficient. **

    stage 1 innocent (never heard of the product)

    stage 2 aware (has read an article about x)

    stage 3 apprentice (has attended a three-day seminar)

    stage 3 apprentice (has attended a three-day seminar)

    stage 4 practitioner (ready to use x on a real project)

    stage 5 journeyman (uses x naturally and automatically in his job) 

   stage 6 master (has internalized x, knows when to break the rules) 

   stage 7 expert (writes books, gives lectures, looks for ways to extend x)

one should never attempt a project with a team consisting with stage 3 or lower people. this is a sure fire formula for failure. the team can consist of stage 4's, but they should have at least access to stage 5, or 6. this requirement is needed both in pick and ms-access.

ok, i think i made a big enough point about skill level (however, a good developer means everything). now, lets get on with some of the issues of converting a application from pick to ms-access.

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** page-jones, meilir. "the seven stages of expertise in software engineering", american programmer, july-aug 1990
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