Word merge Examples


Access97     :    click here for  access 97  merge code

Access2000:    click here for access 2000 merge code

For some screen shots and some more notes on using this merge code please click here Merge notes.

Acesss2000 example With ms-access interface hidden:

click here for access 2000 merge example  with ms-access interface hidden

click here for access 97 merge example with custom menus

The above example has no security, or special code, but ONLY USES the tools-startup options.

The above example also has a good example's of how menu bars work

in an application (note for how each form the menu bar changes options). Also look at

the report, as it also has a good example of a menu bar for reports.

Access 2007 Hidden interface example - click here

Access 2007 Macro Shortcut (right click) menu example - click here

Access 2007 report ribbon example (with PDF and email) - click here

Access 2007 Show all access icons  - click here

Access re link tables example ( new)  - click here

Access 2010 report example - click here

Simple combo box that hides pd [id] column (both client and web example) - click here