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Rides Reservations Information

Simply the best reservation system for Tour Operators.

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R eservation
       I nformation
            D isplay
                      S ystem


Rides is revolutionary reservation system for Tour Operators.

  • Easy to use windows interface.
  • All bookings can be done via keyboard, and is a easy point and shoot process. Start to finish.
  • Of course, for new users, they use the mouse, and it even easier to use! No strange product codes to learn...just point and select a tour!
  • Full integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Email.
  • Email generator is integrated into product.
  • Can generate email lists from any tour for Email marketing.
  • Can generate Form letters, and mailing labels from any tour.
  • A *EASY* letter template generator is included. You can create, and add templates to Rides if you can write a letter in Word.
  • Previous customers are RE-USED, and thus the mailing and marketing system avoids duplicates. A customer name is entered only ONCE into the system. This name is then used for all future bookings, email, letters etc. The advanced relational design of Rides means that you eliminate duplicates names, and also build up a customer history at the same time. All past history is viewable. Any changes made to the customer name are reflected in the main customer file. This of course is due to the fact that the customer only exists once in the system.
  • Since customers are re-used..then data entry time for future bookings is reduced...and customer service improves.
  • Since customers are re-used, then bad, or delinquent customers can be flagged as such. This will raise an alert for future bookings.
  • The customer search routines are fast *and* easy. In a customer file of 30,000 records, you can drill down the search to George Smith with ease...despite there being more than 300 smiths in the file. Rides narrows down this search for you..and then lets you select from the resulting "hit list"
  • The advanced search routines will search based on how the name *sounds* ...not how the name is spelled. This is great for new staff, and just simply those who cannot spell names well. Any search that *sounds* like the name will produce a match.
  • The rapid search system can start with a first name, and then narrow down choices via last name....or your can start with last. No special search codes, or screen "flipping" to change how you search....Rides naturally works this way.
  • The search system makes assumptions about your search. If you type in a invoice number, then it search for invoice number. If you type in a name, then it searches for a name. I mean, should not the computer figure out what you are trying to do?
  • Supports multiple (unlimited number) of payment methods for each individual person booked into the *same* room.
  • Can automatically distribute payments from one person between all occupants in a room.
  • The People booked in a room are naturally grouped together, but can be split, mixed and matched with other people in the tour.
  • People booked together are kept on the same bus. You can change this..but are warned when do so. Here is an example of a screen to move people between two bookings

  • The several people in a room can be moved around as easy as one person. (only one of the room occupants need be keyed in...any changes to the booking means that all occupants will receive these changes (such as room upgrades etc.). Individual payments are still permitted in these cases. The following gives an example of options that apply to *all* the people in a room.


  • Rooms of people can be *grouped* together to form a "buddy" list, or miniature group. Any room list produced for the Hotel will place these people together.
  • Extensive options for corporate sales, and withholding "blocks" of rooms from front desk, or walk in sales. Since rooms can be held with no occupants, then these rooms can be easily returned to the front sales (walk ins) people with great ease.
  • Extensive marketing system for group and corporate sales (can generate phone call and history lists for seasonal sales force...keeps status of all corporate sales. (Pending, contacted...deposits paid, last letter sent etc....balance owed etc.).
  • Can "distribute" names in the groups sales database to a sales force.  Here is an example of how groups can be selected to work on:

  • Allows bulk, or single payments for a corporate group...*or* can manage a group of people with individual payments.
  • Sales reports, and many extra's such as deferred revenue
  • A Inventory system can be used for clothing, hats, promotional items etc.
  • Items from Inventory can be *included* into tours...or added as additional purchase items
  • You only have to enter seasonal pricing for Hotels. The rates can be broken down by a season, and only ONE start and "end date" need be entered for a whole set of rates. Rides will then automatically present the rates to the operator for easy selection of a Tour.


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