More notes on Access to Word Merge
Albert D. Kallal

To use this merge code is easy. First you create a template document.  If you already have a document, or letter made, then you can simply cut and paste your text into this new template that we are going to create. (that is how I usually copy word text anyway). Note that you MUST use the add new template button to create a template. If you have existing templates, then you can copy them to the word merge directory, BUT YOU MUST then hit the modify template button and save your doc to ensure that the correct data source is set.

The process of creating a template is very easy. Just click on the "Single word merge" button.

When you click on above word merge button, you can select a previously created merge doc, or create a new one. We are going add a new template, hence select Add new template:

You will be prompted for a document name to create:

At this point word will be launched. You now simply insert the merge fields to create template. The process in word 97 looks like:

As you can see, it is easy to select the merge fields and insert them into the word document. I will post a screen shot from later version of word, but suffice to say that later versions of word really did wreak this nice process. I leave it to you to find the strange little button that drops down the merge field list in later versions of word. For later versions, click on the following button to display the merge fields. Word 2000 and later you get:

If the above tool bar does not show, then go tools->Letters and mailings->Show mail merge tool bar. (it usually shows. but for some reason some pc's don't see the above tool bar unless you turn it on.)

When done, just close the doc, or even close word. You will be asked to save the doc, and you just have to answer yes, as the file name is already set for you.

At this point, you are now back to the merge pop up screen, and you can now select the template.

Note that when you merge with the template, the result has NO merge fields in it. It is a nice standalone document that you can print, email, or do whatever you want with (there is no connection to the access file that remains).


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