Windows Zipping for Ms-access

By Albert D. Kallal


Download the example - click here (a2000 format)

I don't have much documentation yet. To use in your application, simply import

all of the modules from the sample mdb file (there is 5 of them). You also

have to place the 2 .dlls in the same directory as your application.

To zip a file, use

MakeZip strFileName, strZipArchiveNameToMake

Note that I do not yet have a interface that allows you to add multiple files to the same archive with a browse (but, it is possible!).

(however, wild cards DO work, so, you can zip a whole directory).

To un-zip a file, use

UnZip strZipArchiveName, strOutPutDir

Note that the "\" is optional for the output dir. The OUTPUT DIR WILL BE CREATED if it does not exist.

The above are functions, and return true/false if a problem...

(take a look at the sample forms to see the above two functions, and how they are used)